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People like to think that the Internet has leveled the playing field in retail real estate. Available properties are listed online. Demographics are just a click away. Google Earth can put you in the parking lot of any shopping center in the country. At Southpace, we know you cannot choose your real estate on a computer screen alone. That is why these new tools haven’t leveled the playing field – instead, they have tilted it in our favor.

We use these advanced tools to study our markets and combine them with old-fashioned local market knowledge to illustrate the real-world dynamics of specific trade areas. We start at the market level and then drill down to the most granular site-specifics to give our clients the whole picture. We do our homework and our clients see the results.

Tenant Representation

Southpace Properties represents retailers and food operators in various exclusive territories throughout the southeast region. We provide our clients with every aspect of Tenant Representation, which includes:

  • Market Development Planning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Traffic Patterns
  • Site Selection
  • Market Comparables
  • Negotiations

Any local broker can shuttle a retailer around the market and point out vacancies. We want to help our clients determine the most efficient way for them to develop a market and how the performance of their competitors should affect their market planning.

Leasing Services

Southpace Properties represents national and local landlords throughout the state of Alabama, ranging from regional to neighborhood shopping centers and freestanding retail buildings. We provide our clients with every aspect of landlord representation, which includes:

  • Trade Area Assessment
  • Analysis of Property Position
  • Merchandising Plan
  • Leasing Plan
  • Marketing
  • Negotiations

Anyone can hang a sign and put your property on their website. It takes a professional to understand your property’s position relative to the trade area and then put into action a leasing plan to maximize your assets. Our core business is bringing value to shopping center ownership.