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Southpace Properties Has Largest Presence Among All Firms in the Commercial Club of Excellence

February 01, 2016

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For 27 years of the 28-year history of the Birmingham Commercial Realtors Council Commercial Club of Excellence (and 18 years in a row), Southpace Properties Inc. has had more brokers named to the BCRC Commercial Club of Excellence than any other real estate firm.

This year proves as no exception with a total of 13 brokers receiving award recognition for their outstanding sales and achievements in 2015.

Southpaceโ€™s qualifying brokers in the sales and leasing division and investment division include: John Lauriello, Bill McDavid, Bryan Holt, Rich Vanchina, Blake Crowe, Andrew Loveman, Michael Randman, David Ashford, Stephen Lazarus, Stutts Everette, Steve Mordecai, Bob Vines and Joseph Sedita.

Among achieving placement in the Commercial Club of Excellence, other affiliated honors and awards include Southpace Principal John Lauriello becoming a 34 Years Club Member and Michael Randman becoming a 22 Years Club Member.

Several Southpace brokers received Vulcan awards (having qualified for 10+ years) including Bryan Holt, Bill McDavid, Blake Crowe, Rich Vanchina and David Ashford. Bob Vines became a New Life Member in 2015 (qualifying this year for the third time in a five year period) while Steve Mordecai, Stutts Everette, Andrew Loveman, and Stephen Lazarus remain Life Members (continuing to qualify).

Each of the Southpace brokers mentioned above, as well as many commercial real estate brokers at other local firms, were honored with a BCRC Commercial Club of Excellence awards ceremony luncheon on Thursday, February 18, 2016 at The Club in Birmingham.


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