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Mike White, CRRP

July 06, 2023

Mike White brings a wealth of expertise and experience to his role as Vice President/Director of Property Management at Southpace Properties. With a successful and eventful 7-year tenure as Senior… Read more

Bryan Holt

August 09, 2018

Bryan Holt came to Southpace Properties in 1997 with a background in commercial construction and bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He became a Principal… Read more

William “Bill” McDavid

August 08, 2018

William “Bill” McDavid is the principal and co-founder of Southpace Properties. He specializes in the sale and leasing of industrial, office, and retail properties. Throughout his career as a commercial… Read more

John Lauriello

August 08, 2018

In 1984, John co-founded Southpace Properties with William McDavid. Southpace is now the largest independent commercial real estate firms in Alabama. John moved to Birmingham in 1969 from his hometown… Read more

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